LDF Employees Love Where They Work

For some time now, LDF Business Development Corporation and its business units have told the story of why our teammates “Love Where They Work.” We recently asked one of our teammates from LDF Holdings, an online lender with a call center in Lac du Flambeau, and the LDF BDC to share in their own words why they love where they work. These new statements by Danica Poupart and Maria Andino were recorded and will be playing on the radio shortly, we wanted to give you the opportunity to hear about their experiences directly.

Danica Poupart loves that she gets to provide customer service to people around the country as an LDF Holdings employee, but she really loves where she works because of the people she gets to work with everyday. Learn more about available positions on our employment opportunities page to work with great people like Danica.

Maria Andino loves where she works because everyone gets to work hard and play hard. Every day is different and she learns something new with what she considers to be a family. That’s why she embraces the phrase “love where you work”.

These playful radio spots help convey the passion our employees have for their jobs. We have several other similar spots in our blog as well, take a listen to all of them.