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Tips To Improve Your ID Verification Process

By IDology | July 23, 2019

Poor identity verification processes can present all kinds of problems – frustrating end user experience, onboarding issues, fraud and more. If you want to fix your ID verification process, you first need to establish where it’s failing. Here are 5 reasons your ID verification process could be falling down, and how you can fix it.…

Tribal Lending and Alternative Financial Services

By holdings2018 | June 17, 2019

As part of the Native American Financial Services Association, you’re aware that almost 40% of Americans have poor or no credit histories or are geographically isolated from traditional financial institutions—making it hard to secure mainstream credit. That’s why you’re in the business of providing services to these consumers, while aiding tribal economic growth. Standing Out…

Lead Buying

Best Practices: Lead Buying

By | May 16, 2019

LeadsMarket has been at the forefront of regulatory compliance for many years, keeping its pulse on legal and regulatory issues from tribal to federal to state. Our proprietary software gives our lender-partners more opportunities for lead generating success. Our industry-leading compliance team, optimization experts, IT technicians, and creative marketing minds constantly work around the clock…