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managing debt

Savings Tips To Weather An Unforeseen Storm

By LDF Holdings | January 14, 2020

Saving money is more important than ever to weather an unforeseen financial storm. One thing people are not particularly good at, however, is saving money. According to a recent survey by the Federal Reserve Board, a large percentage (almost 40%) of Americans would have to either borrow money or couldn’t pay for a $400 savings emergency expense.…

annual review

Are You Ready For 2020? Best Annual Review Practices

By Michael Cordova | December 12, 2019

When the general public thinks of New Year’s, they think of the confetti and ball drop of New Year’s Eve or the college football bowl games of New Year’s Day. But for the compliance world, the New Year is a time of newly-passed laws taking effect and internal analyses of your business via annual review. …

managing debt

Managing Debt

By LDF Holdings | November 25, 2019

Managing debt can be one of the most complicated and difficult part of life that doesn’t get enough attention. Managing debt properly can unlock the ability to obtain capital at necessary and vital parts of your life (buying a home, buying cars, financing education, etc.). However poorly managing debt can lead to restriction of capital…